Click on each picture to see more of the same car.  If you already bought this kit, please consider sending me pics. (You know who you are.)

Well here it is, the most numerous Camaros on the road finally get the attention they deserve.  There are definitely going to be more pics of this kit, so get em while they're hot.  This kit is the same price as other 35th anniversary kits, $200.

You may notice the differences in hoods.

I have modified the kit to have checkers between the vents and windshield. This is how your kit will come. It will not have the solid blocks the way the majority of the cars you see on this page do. Everyone has said this is an improvement to the kit, so I'm not looking back. But I still have to have a good body count on the website, so I'm leaving the older pics up. If you are one of the older style customers, email me and I'll get you the new style patches for free if you promise to send replacement pics. --Jay